Fabius_Bile (fabius_bile) wrote in ebnutaja_pesnja,

H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society - Death To The World

Death to the world! Cthulhu's come:
Let Earth abhor this thing.
Let every mind prepare for doom,
As anguish and woe he'll bring.

Up from the sea, R'lyeh did rise:
The cultists awestruck dumb.
With ancient rites so wretched and perverse,
Cthulhu's time has come.

Death to the world! Cthulhu reigns.
The Great Old Ones Destroy
With wrath and doom, so cruel and foul,
Replete with obscene joy.
He rules the Earth with dreadful might,

And through our ghastly dreams
His twisting turning tentacles
Elicit from us maddened screams.
Cthulhu's time has come.
Tags: h.p. lovecraft historical society
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